Chee Soon Juan’s words over my abandoned phone

It was my first time reporting on a court case. We were at the High Court, assigned to cover the Singapore Democratic Party’s appeal against the use of the fake news law on its online posts.

When party chief Chee Soon Juan and his entourage emerged from the chambers, I made sure to be the first to reach the group.

I recall anxiously firing off a question. Dr Chee answered briefly and I hastily scribbled it onto my notebook. Chairman Paul Tambyah fielded questions from other reporters and I wrote his answers down too. My heart raced as I struggled to follow the other reporters’ line of questioning.

Then I saw my classmate Shiying appearing beside me, holding out her phone to record the interview. Wasn't I already doing that? Wait, where’s my phone?

Turns out, I had left it behind in my mad rush and Madam picked it up. For someone who constantly nags at us to record every word newsmakers say, I’m thankful she only gave me a light roasting afterwards. Phew!

Liang Lei

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