This political party has a band

Updated: May 25

The reporters stared, slack-jawed, at the men on stage. Guitars were slung over their bodies — two electric, one acoustic. A fourth man was seated at a drumset, sticks drawn.

They didn’t fit your typical vision of a rock band — no long, shaggy hair nor leather vests. The men, with grey and thinning hair, looked well into their 60‘s. Each donned a red polo tee with a white palm tree — the logo of the Progress Singapore Party — embroidered on the left breast.

They played a folk tune. “Don’t be afraid to live, love while the flame is warm,” sang the lead in baritone.

Some reporters exchanged incredulous looks: old men playing folk music on instruments so heavily associated with rock music — what some old people may call noise — at a political party event. What need would a political party have for a band?

The party had a few minutes prior unveiled its new theme song composed by the same man leading the band — a tidy summary of the party’s values and policy goals in a catchy tune.

Perhaps music and lyrics are the new way to Singaporeans’ hearts.

Christalle Tay

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