It’s a lengthy document written by political parties to tell you why you should vote for them.

If you’re too busy to attend election rallies to find out what promises politicians are making to win your vote, fret not. Nearing the election, every party will release a manifesto that details their stand on key issues and what they would do if elected into Parliament.

Manifestos published by opposition parties usually identify problems in existing policies and put forth what they think are the right ways to solve them. See the Workers’ Party’s 2015 manifesto.

In contrast, the ruling People’s Action Party’s manifesto prefers to focus on how government policies have achieved its goals and benefited the country over the years.

Manifestos are not legal documents and promises made within are not binding. Parties that stray from their manifesto, however, can always be held accountable by voters in the next election.

By NUS Communications and New Media

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