Nominated MP (NMP)

Who says you need to be a politician to be in Parliament? Well, not if you’re a Nominated MP.

NMPs were introduced in 1990 to represent the views of various segments of Singapore society in Parliament. They hail from different fields including the arts, sciences, business, community service or labour movement and have demonstrated excellence in their area of expertise.

As they do not belong to any political party, NMPs are able to offer independent, non-partisan views as a neutral third party which helps to raise the quality of debate in Parliament.

There can be up to nine NMPs each term, lasting two and a half years. A person is qualified for appointment as NMP if he or she is Singaporean, aged 21 or above and on the current register of electors. After getting nominated by members of the public, they will be shortlisted by the Special Select Committee of Parliament.

Notable contributions by NMPs include the Maintenance of Parents Act which was introduced by Mr Walter Woon and passed in Parliament on 2 November 1995. It provided a legal means for parents aged 60 and above who are unable to subsist on their own to claim maintenance from their children who are capable of supporting them but are not doing so.

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